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Looking for a rental?

Using a real estate agent, like me, in a highly competitive market can give a renter a huge advantage. There are far more listings than those that are easily uncovered by Internet searches. I have access to listings included in the multiple listing service MLS database. I also know about unlisted units coming on the market.

I know the local real estate market and have my pulse on new listings. Using me as your agent can be useful when renting from small investors. Large apartment complexes are easy to find and tend to have fixed policies. Renters can often save hundreds of dollars per month by renting from an individual landlord rather than a large leasing corporation, but they might need a well-connected agent, like me, to find these properties.

Link for home search below.

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Single family homes

Like I said above, I have a large list of investors looking for tenants to fill their vacant homes. Most of these properties will never be seen on the internet. 


High rise and new construction condos

Most high rise and new construction condos aren't easy to find either. You need an agent that communicates with multiple apartment complexes and builders. I know all their available properties.

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Townhomes and Condo

I know many condo and townhome developments in NJ and PA. What's important is knowing their rules and regulations. I also know ones with garages, near school, near public transportation, and near parks.

office space

Business and commercial use

Also, since I specialize in commercial real estate, I do a good amount of commercial leasing. Looking for an office space, entertainment space, etc, I can help!!

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Renter rights and ethics

The Fair Housing Act protects people from discrimination when they are renting or buying a home, getting a mortgage, seeking housing assistance, or engaging in other housing-related activities. Tenants with section 8 and any rental assistance programs are protected. 

We also make sure the home is fire safe. 

for more info on fair housing click the link below.

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Short and Midterm Rentals

I can help you find a vacation rental or a short to midterm rental for work. I work with many travel nurses to help them find homes! I have a list of shore homes and homes in the mountains not online! 

Rental Home Search

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